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Our School Year So Far

By August 3, 2016 Children, Faith, Homeschool, Homestead


We have had an awesome school year so far! I am so excited about how it has been going so far. We started school July 5th. We did four whole weeks of school already! This is exciting for us because it will give us time later in the year to take days off as needed. We will be doing a six weeks on and one week off schedule until we get to Thanksgiving and Christmas. After the first of the year we will resume our six weeks on and one week off schedule until the end of June.

I decided to take a very gradual, easy approach this school year. We started with just with just a couple subjects and each week just added more and more. The first week we started with just Morning Time Meeting. This is where we do our calendar time, bible, art and music appreciation, poetry, and our family read aloud. It was a great way to just ease into the school year.

Our second week we added in Math and WriteShop. It was nice to be able to spend a little extra time learning our new math curriculum and learning our new English curriculum. Needless to say, the kids LOVE it. The older two do their math independently on the computer. The little girls are working through Singapore and my model girl is finally getting math and it is coming much easier to her this year. We are starting slowing. On Fridays we reinforce all the skills we learned throughout the week. It is so much fun!

Our third week we added history and science. Then last week we rounded things out with adding reading and spelling lessons. We started with month with reading 20 minutes every day also.

The kids have a list of pre-approved books that they can get from the library. These books are classic literature and books that will take them deeper or help them learn. I do allow them to read “fluff” books, on their free time, but for their 20 minutes of school reading time they must read from one of the books from their list. They also have a list of activities and websites that they can choose from so that they are doing something quietly while I work one on one with their sibling.

We have tried a couple different schedules over the past four weeks also. We finally settled on the one we have been using for two weeks now. We allow the kids to wake up whenever they want. For a few this means some where between 7:30-8:00am. For the others this might mean 10:30. Instead of waiting until everyone is up to start our whole day I give each child 30 minutes of wake up time to kind of ease into the day. They watch a show or just snuggle. After their wake up time I give them some breakfast. Then we rotate subjects and kids until everyone is awake. Once everyone is awake we do an hour of chores to get the house ready for the day. Then we start our subjects we do together. This schedule has worked out really well for us. I am excited to see where our school year takes us.

Did you start your school year? How is it going?

Have a very blessed day.



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Is the Sky really the Limit?

By August 2, 2016 Children, Faith, Heart Matters, Homeschool, Homestead


I have heard it many times growing up. I still hear it as an adult. I tell my kids this very thing all the time. The sky is the limit. But is it really?

Basically, by saying, the sky is the limit you are implying that the options are endless. That nothing can stop you. There is a whole world of possibility out there just waiting to be had. The sky goes on forever and there for if you dream big enough, try hard enough, and preserver the options will never for you. I agree and disagree all at the same time.

I feel like we want this saying to be true. We want so badly for the sky to be the limit. We want nothing but endless opportunities for ourselves and even more so for our children. I think it is great to aim big, to set goals, to accomplish those goals and set new ones. I know that I try to do this myself.

However, I don’t know that the sky is the limit. So many things hold us back. We set limitations on ourselves. We have limitations others set upon us. We have the limitations of society and the like. Yes, we can continue to try to break free of those limitations, but does this saying also give us a sense of entitlement? If the sky is really the limit does that mean we can have whatever we want whenever we want it? Doesn’t that kind of help create the world we are living in right now?

I am all for dreaming, for hoping, and for wishing. I am all for setting our standards high and working hard to reaching a goal. I am all for reaching that goal and setting another.

The fact remains. Some people, like my sister have physical and mental, challenges. She would love to be a mother. Being a mother would be her sky. She will never get there. Then there are people who are in relationship that are bad for them. I was there once. I got married at 18. Had my first baby and 19. Was working a job that I loved! I was climbing the chain and loving every minute of it. I thought that I was going to reach my sky. I thought I was going to have what I wanted. Achieve what I had always dreamed of. I was hiding what was really going on. I was being abused daily. Physical and mental abuse. He told me how high on the chain I was going to climb at work. He told me what are family was going to look like. He told me when I was becoming to superior. He told me with words, with fists, with more. Limits were placed on me and I knew I was never going to reach all those hopes and dreams that were my sky. Sometimes we put limits on ourselves. We tell ourselves we aren’t good enough. That we aren’t smart enough. That we just can’t accomplish what we wish we could accomplish. We down grade ourselves. I’ve been there too. Sometimes life puts limits on us reaching our sky. My hopes and dreams right now are drowned out by kids, family, life, household responsibilities. Are they keeping me from my sky permanently? No, not totally. I may reach those goals and dreams, but right now my family comes first.

I want my kids to hope and dream big. I want them to reach everything the can, but I also want them to know that the sky might have limits. It might have a wind storm and change their direction. It might have a rain storm and wash their hopes and dreams away and they will have to start again. There may be people, places, events, and things that limit them. I want them to set goals. I want them to know I believe in them. I want them to know that it takes hard work. You can’t just say “the sky is the limit” and then let it be.

Reaching the sky will take hard work. It will take falling. It will take starting over after a storm. I dream with my kids. I ask them what they want life to be like, what they want to do when they grow up. We talk about the things that might get in the way or what they can do now to achieve that dream later on.

One important thing that I talk with my kids about regularly is that they can dream as big as the sky. They can hope as big as the sky. But we also need to be content where we are. God has us in HIS perfect place. Some people are meant to reach the sky. Some people are meant to be humble and meek and serve from the ground. Just because we might not make it to the sky doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy, joyful, and grateful for where we are.

This is a lesson I had to learn recently. I thought I couldn’t be happy because I wasn’t achieving all those goals, hopes, and dreams that I thought I deserved. It wasn’t for the lack of working hard. It just isn’t my time. In fact I was spreading myself to thin. I was trying to be a mom, wife, daughter, friends, homeschooler, homemaker, and still achieving everything I thought I deserved. Everything I wanted because I thought it would make me happy. Right now isn’t my time to have the sky. Right now I need to serve my family. I need to make sure my children are dreaming, hoping, and growing. I am okay with not reaching the limits of the sky right now. I happy with the choices I have made to put the sky on hold. I am going to joyfully sit right here on the ground helping those around me. Serving my family. Serving those God puts in my path.

Why would be your sky? What limits are you experiencing? Do you need to be content with where you are? Is there hard work you could be putting in to reach your dream, but are just sitting around waiting for it to happen?

I hope you have a very blessed day.


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Writing = Passion

By August 1, 2016 Children, Faith, Heart Matters, Homeschool, Homestead, Writing


I knew from a young age that I loved writing. It quickly became a passion. I remember taking every single writing and English class I could take in high school. Different points in my life have taken on different forms of writing. Short stories, poems, song lyrics, and even chapters of books.

I love writing. I love writing fiction. I love writing poems. I love writing about my own life.

I started this blog so that I could write. I started this to show the world what I can do. I started this blog so that I could share with all my readers clips from my book and possibly some of the poems I have written in the past.

Writing gives me life. Writing gives me peace. Writing makes me feel like I have purpose in this world. It allows me to expression emotion. Allows me to create characters and events I wish I could experience or be like. Writing allows me to take experiences from my own life to help others.

Sometimes I don’t get to blog as often as I would like. I have a family. I have homemaker responsibilities. Sometime I wonder if I should just give up. If I don’t come here regularly to blog, than should I really be blogging? I know bloggers who post daily, if not multiple times a day. I know bloggers who have thousands of followers.

I might not post daily. I might only post once a month. Nonetheless, I will keep this blog up and running. I will keep writing here. Some day I might have thousands of followers. Some day I might help someone change the way they are doing life and follow the life Christ has for them. Some day I might inspire someone to write for themselves; to share their life experiences. Some day I might inspire someone to homestead, or homeschool. It is all some day. Writing is my passion. I don’t want the blog to feel like a job.

So I might only post once a month. I might only post once a week. When I do post, know that it comes from a place of passion. Something I have thought about. I have researched if necessary. Something that I feel so convicted to share with you. My writing is a gift I want to share with all of you. One day, when life settles down, I might be able to post once a week. One day I might get thousands of followers. One day. For now, I will stick to sharing what is on my heart.

I hope you have a very, very blessed day.


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Nothing but Failing

By July 25, 2016 Faith, Heart Matters, Homeschool, Homestead


Nothing but failing. Sometimes life feels that way. We look at everyone around us. We see what others are doing. We see them succeed. We see others doing better than ourselves. We compare. We dissect. It is amazing how doing all those things will make us feel like we are doing nothing, but failing at life.

That’s where I hung out for a little while. We do life different than most. Where I have been hung up recently is how we got where we are. Kelly and I got married in February 2009. We spent five years married before we got divorced. It was a bad place in our life. He had started a business a few years prior, he was working tons of hours, and other things in our home were off kilter. He was never home and I started to think the grass was greener on the other side. Even becoming a single mom of four looked better than him constantly being gone and then not understanding why things around the house weren’t completed.

Our divorce was easy, we agreed on everything. The judge who signed our divorce was amazed that we were even getting divorce. Most of the time things are nasty, long, and drawn out. We separated January 2014. In June 2015, after life took us in so many directions, we found our way back together. This isn’t a crazy. Kelly and I have known each other since our freshman year in highschool. We have found our way to each other a lot throughout the years. We started dating, we moved to a whole new state, hundreds of miles away from our home town.

See, where we were, surrounded in by family and friends, we still felt like we were failing. We were met with resistance. My family and his. Every one was saying, “Don’t you remember when he did this?” “Don’t your remember when she did this?” Not only were people saying stuff, but there was our life. The life we had in that year and a half apart. The other relationships we each had. The hurt feelings. The insults we threw at each other. The deep hurt of life was every single place we went.

We wanted to put our family back together. We wanted to be strong than what we were. We wanted a fresh start without all the reminders of the pain we caused each other. So we took a leap of faith. We moved. Georgia is where we went.


But we were still failing!! We forgot that because we left our family and friends to start fresh that we would have no one. We didn’t get involved in a church right away. We didn’t surround ourselves with people who would love and care about us and want to see us succeed. So again we failed. Things happened. Outside relationships happened. Again we found ourselves apart. Thankfully it was short lived. We came to our senses. We knew we needed each other. We needed our family. We also knew we needed a community of people who would love us and support us and challenge us to grow.

We found that place. We found a church family. A small group family. We have been growing. We have been changing. That should be a good thing.

However, the past few days, weeks maybe. I got stuck in the feeling of failing. I looked at all these other couples. The couples in our small group. The couples in our church. I looked at them all and said to myself “I suck at marriage. I suck at being in relationships!” I saw husbands helping more than mine. I saw wives being attentive to their husbands. I saw couples being affectionate in front of others. I was failing. I suck at being a wife, at least that is the way it feels.


You see, it is all perspective. I might be failing at this wife thing if I am constantly looking at everyone else’s life. Truth is I love my husband. He is my best friend. When something great happens, he is the first person I want to tell. Same thing for when something bad happens. We are meant to be. Our relationship is anything but perfect. We still fight more than we should. We let pride, exhaustion, kids, and busy schedules get in the way of us working on our relationship. But I am not failing! I love him. We have conversations about things that are important. We dream together. We hope together. We hold on to each other.

We are working on our relationship through the thick of things and that means we are not failing!!! We work to make things that are important work. When you work on achieving a goal that is not failing. You might run into a bump or two. You might stumble and fall. That is not failing! It’s all perspective!

How do you think your failing? Do you think you’re failing because other people are succeeding? What if you looked at your failure from a different perspective?

Have a blessed day


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School, Family, Fireworks and Fun

By July 5, 2016 Children, Homeschool

I hope y’all had an amazing holiday weekend. I am so incredibly thankful that we get to celebrate the 4th of July. We are celebrating the freedoms so many before have fought so hard to bring us. We are celebrating the freedoms so many people are still fighting for. We celebrated our first 4th of July here in Georgia. I was nervous at first. I had no idea what types of activities would be going on. I didn’t really know where the fireworks were being held. Normally for the 4th, we go to the zoo with family for my brother’s birthday. We usually spend the evening at his house with even more family and friends. We hang out, cook out, eat so much food, and then my brother sets off all his awesome fireworks! This year was going to be a change. It was hard. I found myself caught between wanting to be back with all of them back home, but also really, really wanting to start new traditions and fun down here.

It was an amazing day!!! We started our morning early with a parade in the town over from us. The kids got tons of candy and had a blast looking at all the golf carts decked out in 4th of July decor. We came home and did a bunch of yard work. It was hot, but lots was accomplished. I made all the kids take a nap and decided I would take one too. After our naps the kids quick picked up the house while I cooked some dinner. I packed up the sloppy joe meat, buns, chips, drinks and plates. I packed up some games too. We headed out about 5:30. Found a pretty decent parking space with not much of a walk. Found a really amazing place to set out our blanket. Thankfully there were lots of options to choose from because it wasn’t busy yet. Then we hung out. We ate our picnic sloppy joes, played board games, and ran around. It was an amazing day make memories and just spending time enjoying each other.

Today we are starting our school year! I can not wait. I feel like this year I am the most prepared. I have four weeks planned out. I have this whole week and part of next week prepped. The kids are so excited! I am excited! You can’t get much better than that. After years of homeschooling, I finally feel like we have worked out most of our kinks. I know a routine that fits us best. I picked different curriculum this year that will better suit each of my children. We have a dedicated homeschool space that is set up really awesome.  It is going to be a great week. It is going to be a great year! Tomorrow I will be giving our homeschool room tour. Can’t wait for you to see what it looks like.

I really hope y’all have a great day.

Be Blessed.


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Time and Failing

By June 23, 2016 Uncategorized

Homesteading is hard work. It takes time. It takes thought. We have been so busy around here. I’ve been dealing with all the kids, the house work, and lesson planing for our coming up school year. Husband has been working a bunch of hours at his job. In fact he normally works 6 days a week for about 60 hours a week. Well, as of last night after only three days week he already had 40 hours ins.

We just haven’t had time. We still have a bunch of outside work that needs to be done. We still have to buy parts for the tractor.

Out side of chicks I do feel like we are failing. We don’t have a garden up . We don’t know which plants are where. Its

I hope you have a blessed day.

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School and Goals

By June 22, 2016 Children, Faith, Heart Matters, Homeschool, Homestead

Today on Homeschool Wednesday I want to talk about school and goals. As a homeschool family our goals may look different than that of a traditional public school, but I think it is important to set goals.

Each of our children are so different. Each one has different needs. Different ways of learning. Different motivation levels and different skills. While some of our goals are the same for each child; they will also have a very individualized plan. I also want to note that every six weeks we take a week off. During this week off I pull out their goals for the first six weeks and review. I look to see if we are meeting goals. If the curriculum we have picked out for each child is meeting their needs and what might need to be changed. I can then make new goals for the next six weeks. I also want to note that goals for us are not used to be a hard steadfast rule of things that NEED to be accomplished by a certain time. These goals are things we wish to accomplish, but if we need to slow things down or are just struggling with section of work and we miss the goal; it is okay. Setting goals shows my children that there is something to work for. A place to strive for. It helps them see that they are learning and growing. It is also good for them to see that if they miss a goal its okay. We just need to keep trying and soon we will reach whatever we set our mind to.

Family Goals: As a family we desire to reach a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. The goal is to memorize one bible verse each week. We desire to have a life that looks more and more like Christ so we will be growing by doing weekly character trait studies. Another goal is to have a deeper appreciation for art and music, so we will be studying composers and artists. We have a goal to pray for our world. We will be using the book You Can Change the World as a way to learn more about people in other countries and pray for them as they face difficult times and getting to know the Lord. As a family we will be deepening our love of reading by focusing on classic literature as Read Alouds the whole family can enjoy and by exploring poetry.

Big Girl: Goals for my oldest look like this: Continue to master multiplication while advancing in all other areas of math. Start to read books at a middle school level and expand book choices outside of what she normally chooses. (Right now she reads at grade level, but I know that she can read books above her level. She also only chooses one genre of books and I would like for her to expand her love of books, but trying new genres.) Spell ten new words each week. (Spelling is her hardest area in school.) Clean up handwriting so that it looks more fluid and neat. Work on developing deeper writing skills as it pertains to character development, voice, and style of writing. Have a deeper understanding of Early American History by doing independent research outside of the curriculum being taught and be able to display new knowledge by writing a paper or giving a presentation. Have a deeper understand of Botany by participating in the curriculum and completing science experiments. Another goal for Big Girl is to become more independent with her school work. I would like her to not always need her to tell me what she should do next.

Boy: Goals for the boy look like this: Continue to advance in math; focusing on getting 80% or higher on all assignments. Continue to work on reading so that it becomes more fluid. (He reads at grade level, but still really works at getting all the words correct. I want him to gain confidence and be able to read more fluidly so that he can enjoy more books) Learn to spell ten new words each week. Work on handwriting, sentence structure, and remembering to use punctuation. Have an basic understanding of Early American History by participating in our History Study. Have a basic understanding of botany by participating in the curriculum and completing science experiments.

Model Girl: Goals for Model Girl look like this: Work on letter recognition and sounds. Learn to read through using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Work on number recognition for numbers higher than ten. Work on simple adding and subtracting. Work on handwriting and simple sentences. Work on spelling simple words. Gain some understanding of Early American History by sitting in on our History lessons. Gain some understanding of Botany by participating in our science curriculum to the best of her age and ability.

Baby Girl: Goals for Baby Girl look like this: Learn to spell three new words each week. Learn to read through using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Wort on handwriting. Work on simple addition and subtraction. Work on writing simple sentences. Have a basic understanding in Early American History by participating in our history curriculum. Have a basic understanding of botany by participating based on age and ability in our curriculum.

Disclaimer: We are in the better late than early camp of homeschooling. We understand that kids all learn differently and that as each of our children mature and grow the light bulb will finally click and things they are learning will finally make sense. I only tell you this because Baby Girl’s goals might look harder or different than Model Girl’s. They are very different children. Model Girl just doesn’t have the attention span or ability to focus right now. Baby Girl has this deep, deep love of school, learning, and soaking up every little bit of information she can. She is way ahead of all of her sibilings for what she is learning at her age than what any of them did. We talior our children’s education to fit them. We make goals that fit their personalities and their strengths. We know they each learn and succeed in their own ways.

It is hard to share our goals. There is so much judgement that goes around. Especially when you take the road less traveled like homeshooling. Each of my children have goals suited or them. They are all special. They are all unique. I have watched them grow and learn so much in the past few years and I have no doubt that will continue. These are the goals for the first 6 weeks. I will then reevaluated. We are excited to get this coming year started.

What are your goals for the year? Do you have an individualized plan for each of your kids?

Have a blessed day!




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Meet Our Model

By June 21, 2016 Children, Homeschool, Homestead

I have been introducing you to my sweet, sweet kiddos here on the blog. Today I want you to meet our model/actress. She is number three in three in our line of children and the second girl. 12973599_1718147571794657_1789136672157692958_o This girl is full of sass, attitude, and determination. If I had to pick a child of ours that is most like me, especially when I was that age it would be this little sweet heart. You know when your parents look at you say “I hope some day you have one just like you.”? Yeah, I got her. My model has a fiery personality. She will not let herself get lost in the shuffle of her brother and sisters. She is always tries to be the center of attention.

When she was little she always wanted her picture taken. She always talks in funny voices and pretends to be different things. We had talked about putting her into modeling or acting, but we wanted to make sure it was something she really wanted to do. Before we left for Georgia we had sent in some photos to agent. I didn’t know what would happen. The called back and asked for more photos. So that is what we did. She loved the idea. I think it is because she loves to be the center of attention. They wanted to sign her, but we decided to move. Once we got settled down here we submitted new pictures to agencies in Atlanta. Georgia is become a place for lots of up and coming movies and tv shows. This would give Model Girl even more opportunities. We got a call back from an agency and went for a meeting. We were told we would be called back within the week if they wanted to sign her. Well that night we had a meeting to sign he next day. It was awesome. She was so excited! As were we! This is something she has always wanted to do.

She has been to photo shoots, in a commercial, and has gone to lots of casting auditions. She has walked the runway and taken classes in both modeling and acting. She is learning that work can be fun if you find something you are passionate about. As her parents we want this to be fun for her. We don’t want her to see it as something she HAS to do. We don’t want her to feel pressured. So we take her lead. If she feels overwhelmed because we have just done to many auditions or jobs then we take a break.

I see her on the big screen some day. She loves every minute of what she is doing when she is in front of a camera doing a photo shoot or acting. We will always support her. Her dream is to be in a movie and land a spot on America’s Next Top Model.

Keep on Reaching for your goals Model Girl. Mommy and Daddy will always be here to support you!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know my kids a little.

I hope you have a very blessed day.


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The Past, The Future, and Inbetween

By June 20, 2016 Faith, Heart Matters, Homestead

Is there a spot in your past that you wish you could go back to? Do you feel that spot in the past was better than where you are at right now? Do you think that if you were still at that point in the past you wish to be your life in the future would be better? These are all questions that I asked myself.

I was reading the book of Numbers chapter 11. The Israelites complained. They started complaining about their current hardships. Being in desert, going every where but the promise land. They were sick of their circumstances. They just wanted to be at that place God had promised them. Then they started thinking. Well if we wouldn’t have left Egypt we would be better off. Wait a second. In Egypt slaves. Why would they want to go back to that? They wanted meat. Seriously. They would go back to Egypt and being slaves for meat. And so they had a place to settle down, so they didn’t have to wander the desert. God finally gave them what they wanted. He gave them meat. The verse that stuck out to me was Numbers 11:20 “but for a whole month – until it comes out of your nostrils and you loath it – because you have rejected the Lord, who is among you, and have wailed before him, saying, “why did we ever leave Egypt.” Complaining to God and getting what they wanted didn’t come without price. God sent a severe plague. Many people died.

Life is like that sometimes. We get into a rough patch in our own life. We complain. We want to go back to the past, go back to a place in our life that WE think is better for us than our current situation. We ask God why he would let us be in the current place we are in. We ask him to send us back to the spot in our past that we think would be better for us. We complain and complain. We complain because we don’t trust God will bring us through our current situation to a better future. We have a hard time seeing past the current situation we are in to a future that is prefect for us. We need to trust the Lord. What if God gave you that one thing you complain about. That one thing you wish you could have from the past. What if he sent you past to that moment in the past you wish you could have back so badly? Now magnify that. What if he gave that to so intensely that you began to loath it? So intensely that you despised every wishing to go back there? Would we be better off? Would we wish to go back to our current situation.

Thankfully God knows what is best for us. He took us out of our past because he has something better in store for our future. He is allowing us to continue in our current situation, no matter how difficult, because he knows we need to learn and grow in the moment so that our future can be more secure.

Let us all remember to find the things to be thankful for no matter what our current situation. I’m not saying we need to forget our past. I’m saying we can not consume our thoughts with wishing we could go back. That ship has sailed. God has sent us on. He hasn’t stopped our path in that moment, but has continued it on. He is moving us, growing us, changing us for our future. We need to have hope and trust in him. He knows what he is doing. We have to die to our own selfish, worldly desires and seek him. We must ask the Holy Spirit to sharpen our eyes and our ears to hear and see what God is telling us, to see where he is moving us.

There are places I wish I could go back to, things I could change. The reality of the situation is that I can’t. So I must continue to seek the Lord and move forward. There is no room for complaining about the past. There is no room to dwell on going back there. I shouldn’t even complain about my current situation. God has blessed me richly. I have so much to be thankful for even on the days that are rough. It is just the mindset in which we choose. Be thankful, trust God with your future. Remember the past, but thankful that God has your future mapped out and your eternal life in heaven awaits if you have faith.

What does this verse say to you? What part of your past do you have to let go so that your future can be even better? What blessings can you find today instead of complaining? Do you trust God for the future?

I am praying you have a day full of blessings.


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Celebrating Fathers and a Birthday

By June 19, 2016 Children, Faith, Fathers, Happy Birthday, Heart Matters, Homestead

It’s a very special day. We get to celebrate Fathers. As I have grown older I have come to realize that it is not just our biological fathers that we get to celebrate. We get to celebrate all the men in our lives who have stepped up, taught us, and helped us grow into the people we have become today. I also get to celebrate the birthday of someone very, very special to me.

My Tribute:

To Kelly: Thank you so much for being the father you are to our children. You have given me two amazing girls who bring so much fun, joy, and laughter into our home. They look up to you and love you so much. Thank you for taking the older two under your wing and showing them that you love and care about them even though they are not biologically yours. Things haven’t always been great between you and I. We have hit many rough patches on this journey through life, but one thing that never changed was how much you love your children. You would give up the world for them and for that I appreciate you more and more every day. You work hard to provide them with a good home, food, and the little extras that make life more comfortable. Thank you.

To My Dad: You are my hero. You are my strength. I have been given so much by you. You have given me your blonde hair, blue eyes, and dimples. You have given me your bad knees. You gave me your hot head and stubbornness. You have given me love without condition. You have given me smiles I didn’t know where there. You have given me ears onto which my heart, words, and tears can fall and you listen. You have given me support through everything I have ever been through in my life. I know things were strained between us for some time. I know that I pushed you away throughout my teen years. I know that I probably was the least deserving of your unconditional love. I had my thoughts and my feelings after you and mom divorced and I let those consume me without giving you a chance. The moment that stood out to me. The moment that turned everything around for me, was that day, you came with us to the hospital so I could be placed in treatment for my depression. When I hit rock bottom you were there for me. I know I am still not the best daughter. I don’t call as much as I should. I don’t text as much as I should. I don’t keep you up to date as much as I should. You love me no matter. I let you down. I disappoint you. And you still love me. You are the best dad I could have ever asked for. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

To Curt: Thank you for coming into my life and changing it forever. Thank you for showing me that the choice I was about to make with my sweet baby boy would have been one of my biggest regrets. Thank you for supporting me through so much. Thank you for always, always, always being there. Thank you for taking on my family like we were part of yours. Thank you for loving my kids. Thank you for everything. My heart is so full of emotions for the way you have changed my life and it is so hard to express them.

To Nate and Chris: Thank you for giving me my first born daughter and my only son. I realize without you that I would not be enjoying these kids today. Without you I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the joy and love they bring into my home. You don’t get a happy fathers day because you are the most outstanding fathers in the world. Far from that in fact. You have given up the right to be a father. You have walked away from your children. They have a dad that they get to celebrate today. They are blessed to have men in their lives that love them and care about them so deeply. I do think you deserve a thank you. Thank you for my blessing me so deeply with my sweet children.

Happy Birthday:

Today my mother was born. It is so hard to express in words how much this women means to me. She is my rock. She is my best friend. She is my biggest support. I love my mom so deeply. She raised four kids on her own for so many years. She struggled and she held on. She gave her life for us. Every choice she made she made for us. She loved us no matter what. She made hard choices. She worked so we had a roof over our head and food in our bellies. She was there for us through every single moment in our life. She is always a phone call away. She helped me raise my oldest two children for some time. She loves her grandchildren, maybe even more than her children. She is a God-fearing woman. Her heart for others is outstanding. She is just an all around amazing person. I am blessed beyond measure that I get to call her my mom. Happy Birthday Mom. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being the woman you are.

Who are you celebrating today? What are some of your favorite moments with your dad?

Enjoy your Sunday. May you find joy, happiness, and love today. May you rest in the Lord.


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